WOUTempAdmin: logon but doesn't exist

WOUTempAdmin: logon but doesn't exist

Postby whitetiger » 30.10.2018, 11:34

I was updating Windows Vista, but after applying SP1, the system stops without any sign of life.
Restarted the PC the Logon starts with the user WOUTempAdmin of which I do not know the password.
If I log in with my user to delete the user WOUTempAdmin, this does not appear in the user list.
Yet if I restart the PC the Logon is always on the user WOUTempAdmin.

How do I remove it?
And anyway what is the password of this user?
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Re: WOUTempAdmin: logon but doesn't exist

Postby psj » 30.10.2018, 17:00

from \doc\faq-enu.txt:
Code: Select all
Q: I enabled the "automatic reboot and recall" option, and now my PC automatically logs into the "WOUTempAdmin" account. How can I prevent that and revert to my previous account settings?

A: That issue rarely happens. Please help improve the software by submitting a detailed error report, including the preconditions and how to reproduce the error, to the development team.
To "clean up" your OS do the following:
- Cancel running update scripts using <Ctrl>+C;
- Execute the "CleanupRecall.cmd" script in the "cmd" directory, then reboot.
If it still won't work, follow this guide:
- Log off the "WSUSAdmin" account. While doing this, hold the <Shift> key to prevent automatic login and show the Logon screen instead.
- Log on the "Administrator" account (or an account with administrative rights).
- Check for the existence of a file named "%SystemRoot%\wsusbak-winlogon.reg".
- If the file exists, start the registry editor ([Start - Run...] regedit) and delete the key "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon". Then merge the backed up values back into the registry by double-clicking the "%SystemRoot%\wsusbak-winlogon.reg" file and confirming the prompt. Then you can delete that file.
- If the file doesn't exist, start the registry editor ([Start - Run...] regedit) and modify some values of the key "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon" as follows:
- DefaultUserName: Administrator (or another user account of your choice)
- DefaultPassword: Delete value
- AutoAdminLogon: Delete value
- ForceAutoLogon: Delete value
- Delete the "WOUTempAdmin" account using the "User accounts" Control Panel item.
- Delete the user profile files if they still exist (XP: C:\Documents and Settings, Vista/7: C:\Users).
- Reboot.

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