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Updating problem

PostPosted: 18.09.2018, 15:39
by jack123
I am trying to update a win7-64 SP1 system that is in a location without internet access.
Specifically I'm trying to update IE from V8 to V11

I have tried the microsoft "offline installer" but that keeps trying to connect to the net !

So I tried wsupdate but I'm having trouble getting it to work for me.

Am I using this right?
I have a linux box with wine on connected to the net
I installed wsusupdate into wine and ran this creating an ISO
then created a USB with the ISO and tried to run it but I got a "wrong media" message.

I cant find any specific instructions - can someone baby walk me through doing
this please ?


Re: Updating problem

PostPosted: 18.09.2018, 18:13
by aker
Could you post a list of the folders inside .\client after downloading?