Custom CAB files for extended support

Custom CAB files for extended support

Postby dmini » 19.07.2018, 15:59

I have seen the extended support version for 2003. Microsoft supply us with both custom updates, and the cab files for use in MBSA scan - which are additional cabs. Is there any way of adding the custom cab files that we can use in MBSA to determine updates into the offline updater. Obviously we would have to download all updates and the cab file manually from Microsoft, but am looking for a way to intelligently install the updates - ie using superceded lists
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Re: Custom CAB files for extended support

Postby aker » 19.07.2018, 18:47

In the past I tried to implement it, but it is a real pain as the WUA API does not allow to add multiple catalogs at once. So wsusou would use first, then the first CSA catalog you supplied, than the second one, and so on.
This causes updates to be listed multiple times and supersedances not to work properly.

If you want to, I could search the modified wsusou on my external HDD and give a copy to you.
If there is someone, who knows the WUA API better than me, feel free to post suggestions.
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