KB4074597 and KB4088879 not installed by WOU

KB4074597 and KB4088879 not installed by WOU

Postby grinpress » 03.07.2018, 15:19

Hello WOU Experts.
Using WOU for few months for patching Server 2012.
Last time patched on Feb 2018 successfully.Since then did not patch.
Patching with JUne 2018 package. 5 patches installed succesfully including OS security patches for April , May and June.
From some reason KB4074597 (OS SEcurity patch for FEbruary) and KB4088879 (OS SEcurity patch for March) are not getting installed.
Checked wherher these two were supressed by later onew. Did not find.
What is possible reason for these two not to be applied by WOU although they are in the WOU package , please ?
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Re: KB4074597 and KB4088879 not installed by WOU

Postby Gerby » 03.07.2018, 16:04

Hello grinpress,

Provided that you mean Server 2012 R2, the corresponding MS KB articles may give some hints ("Known issues"):


Have you tried to install those updates manually?

I guess that it has something to do with this ALLOW regkey chaos being started at the beginning of this year. But I'm not deep enough in it to give you details.

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