Nothing Installing

Nothing Installing

Postby CodeDude » 01.10.2017, 02:11

I downloaded this program to try on my Vista 32bit because updates have not worked since March 2017.

I got the generator set up for Vista x86 updates but I do it all and all it seems to do is hang, and does so for even a day.

I have four images to show you.

1 - How the generator is set up.
2 - The updater.
3 - Showing you what Windows shows for updates, and has done nothing but hang since March.
4 - What the WSUS does as it hangs.

Am I doing this wrong somehow, or any idea why it is hanging?


Re: Nothing Installing

Postby boco » 01.10.2017, 23:03

Vista never got the fix to the "Very long updates search" problem. You need to visit the site I linked to above and manually install the updates for your Vista architecture (32bit or 64bit). This will "unblock" the WU client (still needs some time, though, but much less).

Note 1: Please set Windows Update to "Never search for updates" and reboot before processing the updates list, or these installations will hang, too!
Note 2: WOU hangs because it uses Windows Update.
Microsoft update catalog:
Windows Install media download:
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