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Generated ISO contents - not complete?

PostPosted: 20.09.2017, 15:33
by RayG
I have the following settings in the generator:

Windows 10 x64
Include C++
Include Service packs
Office 2016

Create ISO per Product and Language
Copy Updates to USB

Using WSUS Offline Update 11.0.1 - Generator

When I run the program it would appear to go off and download all the appropriate items but it does not generate and ISO for the Office 2016 and when I run the UpdateInstaller I do not see it attempt to install any of the office patches.

I have verified that the updates are not installed as when I ask office to do the updates - it does, I can see that it has done it because of the install date listed in control panel.

What I was expecting was all of the software downloaded to be installed when I use the USB stick but I don't see the o2k16/ofc folder on the stick.

Also the iso that is generated for windows occurs before the office stuff is looked at. There is no iso for o2k16?

In the "client" directory from where the generator is run there is and "o2k16" and an "ofc" directory but no apparent way of running an installer.

Am I missing something obvious?

How do I get all the software updates onto the USB stick and then run the installer program to update everything.



Re: Generated ISO contents - not complete?

PostPosted: 21.09.2017, 17:56
by hbuhrmester
There is no iso for o2k16?

This was reported before: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=5946

Apparently, the application UpdateGenerator.exe does not call the script CreateISOImage.cmd for Office 2016. I tried to sort this out, but in the end, it only confused me. I can't fix it anyway; this is what the maintainer aka WSUSUpdateAdmin must check.

So far, you could only call the script CreateISOImage.cmd directly from the wsusoffline/cmd directory:
Code: Select all
CreateISOImage.cmd ofc glb

It may be the same with the script CopyToTarget.cmd, since these scripts are very similar. But you don't really need a special script for this task: just copy the complete client directory to an external USB drive and it should work.

The internal usage instructions for the script CopyToTarget.cmd seem to be wrong: They don't mention "glb" as a valid parameter. But this is, what would be used with current Windows versions and with Office 2016?

Re: Generated ISO contents - not complete?

PostPosted: 22.09.2017, 14:43
by RayG
Thanks for the reply, The command you gave above does indeed create an ISO file but when you run the installer this is the result:

Code: Select all
Starting WSUS Offline Update (v. 11.0.1) at 14:42:17.04...
Checking user's privileges...
Determining system's properties...
Determining Windows licensing info...
Found Microsoft Windows version: 10.0.15063.0 (w100 x64 enu sp0)
Found Microsoft Windows Software Licensing Management Tool info...
Name: Windows(R), Professional edition
Description: Windows(R) Operating System, RETAIL channel
Partial Product Key: XXXXX - (Edited)
License Status: Licensed
Checking medium content...
Medium build date: 20/09/2017
Medium does not support Microsoft Windows (w100 x64 enu).

ERROR: Medium neither supports your Windows nor your Office version.

Ending WSUS Offline Update at 14:42:19.40...


Re: Generated ISO contents - not complete?

PostPosted: 22.09.2017, 15:10
by RayG
I think I might have another issue. The updates for o2k16 would seem to be only for the purchased CD version of o2k16. I think that the Office 365 version is not supported this way. The text from what I believe is the most recent update:

I think the Monthly Channel is the one I get updated with:

Code: Select all
Description: The Office 365 Client Update enables updates to be delivered to desktop clients via System Center Configuration Manager Software Update Management workflow engine. These updates are applicable for the following SKUs: Office 365 ProPlus, Office 365 Business, Visio Pro for Office 365, and Project Pro for Office 365. For a detailed list of updates, see Important: This update is not intended to be directly deployed via Windows Server Update Services (WSUS). To deploy this update, you will need to use System Center Configuration Manager.
Architecture: n/a
Classification: Updates
Supported products: Office 365 Client
Supported languages: all 

The version number all seems to tie up correctly when I look at what is installed on the system at this time.

So I suppose the next question is, is there a way around this so you can apply updates off line using wsusoffline?

Re: Generated ISO contents - not complete?

PostPosted: 24.09.2017, 20:40
by aker
Office 365 and the most OFfice 2016 versions (as far as I know all except just a few Enterprise/VL editions) are Click2Run-versions of Office, which are not supported by wsusou.