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batch mode - dryrun?

PostPosted: 12.09.2017, 15:42
by norman
Good day!

First of all: thanks for this great tool, which I have been using since like 15 years or so.

I am playing around with using the tool in batch mode, for realizing an unattended installation. I have found the documentation of doupdate.cmd.

Unfortunately, I cannot use any autoreboot features of doupdate.cmd, because another tool is taking care of reboots, automatic logons and network sharing. So at the moment, I would have to call doupdate.cmd blindly ten times, followed by a reboot, hoping that these are enough runs to do everything. Or I would have to parse the logfile to check whether the last run was a noop run.

So I wonder if there is any feature I can call in a cmd batch script to find out if anything would be installed at all, BEFORE I start the install. This is what I call a dry-run option. That would output what it would do, via errorlevel or triggerfile or anything I can easily use/check in a cmd script.

Does this exist? If not, Can you consider this a feature request (I might even put some own effort in it if appreciated, German spoken)?

Best, Norman.

Re: batch mode - dryrun?

PostPosted: 15.09.2017, 22:28
by aker
You could check the errorlevel, wsusou returns.

Reboot required = 3010
Reboot & recall required = 3011