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PostPosted: 10.08.2017, 21:29
by jeallen01
Good morning

I have received the same message from the Update installer, and, having followed the instructions in this thread to open a Command Prompt, I ran sc query winmgmt and it returned the correct responses - but the Installer still returns the same "unsupported" message.

The system is running W7 Ultimate 64 bit, and the Update Generator worked OK before I ran the Installer.

Any suggestions as to what to do next?

PS: I also downloaded the WMI diagnostics programme and took a look at the Instructions document - but I don't think I would have much luck in following the instructions and correcting any reported errors!

Re: OS-NAME Error

PostPosted: 10.08.2017, 21:31
by aker
Please manually run .\client\cmd\DetermineSystemProperties.vbs and post the content of WOUSystemProperties.txt (saved to your desktop) here. Also please post a screenshot of any possible error message here.