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[SOLVED] WSUS Offline Update 11.0.1 Generator - Problem

PostPosted: 09.08.2017, 09:55
by jeallen01
Good morning

Edited: Please ignore message below because I now know what went wrong - no target USB stick in the USB port :roll:

Not used WSUS for several months, and so I have just updated to the above and then I ran the Update Generator with the switch to "Clean up target directory" (which I had not previously done).

Everything appeared to go OK until it cleaned up the target directory and then tried to copy files to that directory - at which point it threw up an "Access denied" message, stopped doing anything for about 5 minutes and then threw up a Failure message (sorry, lost the exact text of that as it has now disappeared and reverted to the Generator options selection page).

OS is W7 Ultimate, and also running Office 2010 Enterprise Edition for which updates were selected.

Any ideas what went wrong and what I can do about it?

Thanks in advance.