Vista 32Bit Update Listing ID's forever

Vista 32Bit Update Listing ID's forever

Postby jukkis83 » 12.07.2017, 08:34


I got a "fresh" Vista 32Bit system with no SP1 or SP2. I installed them manually and downloaded new updates via WSUS 9.2.2. When I tried updating the machine I get to the part where it says "listing ids of missing updates". I let the computer run for over a day and it is still listing the ID's. Am I doing something wrong?

The computer is very slow dual core 1.6GHz laptop which takes about a week to update manually :(

The svchost service is running and consuming the other cpu core while the other core is idling. I tried disabling the windows update services which fixes this, but then I cannot do any updates even with WSUS.

Any help would be welcome. Thanks.

Re: Vista 32Bit Update Listing ID's forever

Postby rich201 » 14.07.2017, 09:33

I have exactly the same issue with Vista sp2 using Wsusoffline 9.2.2

    Starting WSUS Offline Update (v. 9.2.2) at 0:30:36.49...
    Checking user's privileges...
    Determining system's properties...
    Determining Windows licensing info...
    Found Microsoft Windows version: 6.0.6002.18327 (w60 x86 enu sp2)
    Found Microsoft Windows Software Licensing Management Tool info...
    Name: Windows(TM) Vista, HomePremium edition
    Description: Windows Operating System - Vista, OEM_SLP channel
    Partial Product Key: WQD8Q
    License Status: Licensed
    Found Microsoft Office 2007 Word version: 12.0.6668.5000 (o2k7 enu sp3)
    Checking medium content...
    Medium build date: 13/07/2017
    Medium supports Microsoft Windows (w60 x86 glb).
    Medium supports Microsoft Office (ofc enu).
    Checking Windows Service Pack version...
    Checking Windows Update Agent version...
    Checking Windows Installer version...
    Checking Windows Script Host version...
    Checking Internet Explorer version...
    Checking Trusted Root Certificates' version...
    Warning: File ..\win\glb\rootsupd.exe not found.
    Checking Revoked Root Certificates' version...
    Warning: File ..\win\glb\rvkroots.exe not found.
    Checking Windows Defender installation state...
    Warning: Windows Defender definition file (..\wddefs\x86-glb\mpas-fe.exe) not fo
    Checking Office Service Pack versions...
    Checking state of service 'Windows Update'...
    Verifying integrity of Windows Update catalog file...
    hashdeep.exe: Audit passed
    0:30:56.84 - Listing ids of missing updates (please be patient, this will take
    a while)...

There are a couple of things it can't find in the log above?

Re: Vista 32Bit Update Listing ID's forever

Postby aker » 15.07.2017, 00:47

Try installing these updates before running wsusou:
It's based on a list I created a while ago. Then reboot and retry.

Also you might try this:
:arrow: ... .6-x86.exe
I know, that the package is for Windows 7 SP1, but it works flawlessly on Vista, too.

Don't forget to configure Windows Update to "Never search for updates"
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