version 11.0 question

version 11.0 question

Postby TonyClifton » 08.07.2017, 22:35

The last update I was able to get from Microsoft for my Win 7 is dated 4/12/2017. Do I need to install the latest update version 11.0 or am I good to go until the next update?

Thanks again for this great service. I built a new computer with Windows 7 back in March 2017 and of course I can no longer get updates. Thanks Microsoft.
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Re: version 11.0 question

Postby Dalai » 09.07.2017, 15:18

You can use (almost) whatever WSUS Offline version you want, run the download part (UpdateGenerator) and, after that's finished, run the install part (UpdateInstaller). Of course it makes sense to use the latest version of WSUS Offline.

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