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PCs With Identical MS Updates Applied

PostPosted: 28.10.2016, 21:01
by Kedgamatic
We have 15 Win 7/32 PCs that are being maintained with the identical MS updates every 3-6 months. The listed IDs of missing and installed update scanning function of the install program is creating a downtime that is too long for my critical uptime application.

In our test lab I can run the WSUS install program without any production downtime but rolling the updates out to the 15 PCs will cause PC and production downtime for a 24/7 application. Since WSUS Offline completed in our test lab produces a list of installed MSUs and KBs that will be identical to what will need to be installed in the 15 production PCs is there a way to install only the list created in the lab and skip the listed IDs of missing and installed update scanning? example: install only MS updates without any WSUS Offline missing/installed scanning being done in each of the 15 production PCs.