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UNC error when running in Windows 7 Pro VM

PostPosted: 26.05.2016, 03:43
by benmarko
I am trying to runWSUS Offline from an NTFS-formatted external drive. The drive will not connect to the Parallels virtual machine (VM) (I am using a Windows 7 Pro VM for this). I can access the drive as part of my shared configuration from my Mac, I can browse the drive and copy to and from the drive, as well as open basic file types from the drive and save them (I tested this with a PDF and MS Word and Excel 2010 files).

Previously I would connect the drive to the Windows 7 VM and choose: Devices -> External Devices -> [drive name] - then I would go to the drive and open as Administrator the exe "UpdateGenerator" and WSUS Offline would open with no issues.

Now I can no longer connect a drive in this manner. I also cannot map the drive to Windows - I have tried a //psf/ fix to connect the drive, it fails - and anytime I try to run "UpdateGenerator" from within the external drive as part of the shared configuration, it generates an error:

The script was started from a UNC path.
Please map a drive letter to the network share.

One of the limitations of WSUS Offline is it cannot work from a UNC path. So I tried to map the drive, used the psf fix, and nothing so far has worked.

I have tried this on two separate external drives (one 160 GB Bipra, and one 2 TB Silicon-Power). I use these WSUS updates to update non-networked servers and clients. I found two solutions, but they did not work ( and

Any help would be very much appreciated.