How to omit/select updates installed by UpdateInstaller.exe?

How to omit/select updates installed by UpdateInstaller.exe?

Postby vanguardlh » 18.04.2016, 10:32

I've run UpdateGenerator.exe which built all the subfolders with various product patches. I also had it build the .iso files for each selected product. Okay, now I'm ready to use UpdateInstall.exe. As others have noted here and in the Win7 newsgroups, Microsoft has done something nasty that prevents its WU client from downloading any updates (so none can be installed). It will list them, just not download any. So I figured to use WSUSoffline; however, there may be updates that I want to exclude.

Does UpdateInstaller.exe present a UI that lets me select which updates to apply in that run of UpdateInstaller.exe? If not, how do I excluded some updates that it downloaded? I recall something about building an exclude file but I didn't do that, plus I may not want to install the update(s) now but may sometime later. Do I remove or rename the .cab files stored under the various 'subfolders under the 'client' folder so UpdateInstaller.exe cannot find them in some list it built or to a different filetype that prevents them from getting opened and installed?

I would like WSUSoffline to build as complete a local repository of updates that it can get but not necessarily apply every update it retrieved (until maybe sometime later). Rather than use UpdateInstaller.exe, can I somehow run the .cab, .exe, .msu or other files individually to have the update therein applied? I don't what UpdateInstaller.exe will present to me as a UI, if there is one at all.

Since I built the .iso files for the updates (by client - Windows 7 and Office 2010), do I have to use an ISO editor to remove or rename the unwanted update files within the .iso file? Or can I have UpdateGenerator not retrieve more updates but have it rebuild its .iso files after I rename or remove them under its 'client' subfolder?

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