kb2532531 not getting installed

kb2532531 not getting installed

Postby gmilich » 21.05.2015, 15:07

I am new to using this great tool ...
I had to rerun update numerous times to get the patches to install.
The 1st time only 2 patches applied, then a few more and I think the 3rd time the rest.
After the 4th and 5th time 1 patch seems to be installed, but when I rerun the update it installs it again.
MBSA also says that patch is missing even though the wsusoffline log file says it was installed. I attached the log file (I marked in the log the update) and the MSBA result.
Any thoughts on
1) Why I needed to run the update script numerous times?
2) Why the kb2532531 patch does not seem to install?

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Re: kb2532531 not getting installed

Postby Denniss » 21.05.2015, 16:25

Please have a look: viewtopic.php?f=4&t=4436
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