Reboot in the middle of additional updates

Reboot in the middle of additional updates

Postby dmshaull » 21.11.2014, 21:51

I'm working on updating a newly-built Windows 7 Professional SP 1 system, and want to add several additional updates. I've put the download links in the StaticDownloadLinks file, and that works fine.

But when I put all the KB numbers in the StaticUpdateIds file, some of the later updates fail to install. It seems that these later updates have as a prerequisite one of the earlier updates, and since the system has not been rebooted after installing the earlier update, it is not really there. e.g. KB2994023 has as a prerequisite KB2830477.

Is there a way to have UpdateInstaller reboot after a certain set of additional updates, and then continue with the rest of the additional updates (similar to how it reboots after installing, say, .Net Framework)?

Or is there some other way to handle this?
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