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Re: Harddrive unbootable after update

PostPosted: 21.01.2020, 01:31
by boco
At least, I can install W10 updates and upgrades when I want (with a tool named "Sledgehammer", making WU fully manual + stopping build upgrades).

But, true, it's not possible to control what we update, any longer.

Re: Harddrive unbootable after update

PostPosted: 21.01.2020, 22:32
by Pamela
Dalai wrote:Currently, the only reliable way I see to solve this issue: Add some code to determine the revision of KB4474419 and subsequent (forceful) installation of this update in revision 3 (or greater) if an older revision has been found on the system. But that's somewhat incompatible with the current behavior of WSUS Offline...

Maybe just force install version 3 with reboot before installing anything else. I assume the installation will just be aborted if the update is already present.

Re: Harddrive unbootable after update

PostPosted: 24.01.2020, 19:21
by WSUShumri
I had two dual-boot (win7/opensuse tumbleweed) machines not able to boot win7 after latest updates with WSUS. Needed win7 DVD to recover. Strangely afterwarts there was a new grub2 entry for win7 for sda2 instead of sda1.

I'm planning to use win7 indefinitely, no updates, especially not the last ones from January on the important machines. The win7 machines have no internet access for years now, only updates for antivirus definitions. If the antivirus stopps working, I will scrap it. I do email on a linux machine on another local/remote (VPN) network. Browsing is via latest firefox with umatrix on a linux machine in another local/remote (VPN) network via VNC. If I need to transfer files: via a samba share on a NAS outside the win7 network.