Office 2016 ProPlus Patching

Office 2016 ProPlus Patching

Postby hoho0304 » 02.01.2020, 08:24

Hey guys,

I'm new to Microsoft Office deployment. I wanna ask how to make sure I've installed all patches for office 16? When I use wsusoffline, it seems to me only downloading the latest monthly security updates.

But I was told office don't have cumulative updates so I have to download the patches one by one. So can anyone please explain to me which is correct & how to apply all patches if wsusoffline don't download all necessary patches?

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Re: Office 2016 ProPlus Patching

Postby aker » 02.01.2020, 12:32

On Windows 10:
- you have to install the last Servicing Stack, Cumulative update, Flash update, ... [all are cumulative]

For Office and Windows 8.1 and earlier (before 2016-09):
- there are a lot of updates updating single components
- you'll have to install the most recent update for each component (this is not equal to all updates)

How wsusou works:
wsusou creates a repository of the most recent updates, MS currently provides. The list of updates is determined in two ways:
1) dynamic based on the catalog file (provided by MS); superseded updates won't be downloaded
2) static definitions (just a few)
Only updates, which haven't been downloaded before, will be downloaded.

At installation time, wsusou asks the Windows Update Agent to search for updates missing on the target system.
You can verify, that all updates have been installed, if the log of the last run doesn't show any "update xxx could not be found" message.
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