Missing updates .Net Runtime 5.0.17/6.0.6 on 12.6.1hf1

Missing updates .Net Runtime 5.0.17/6.0.6 on 12.6.1hf1

Postby jmcaree » 30.06.2022, 03:26

I have checked the message boards, etc and can't seem to find any reason why when we created an ISO for Windows 10, these 2 patches are missing. Is there something that has changed with updating .Net that we need to be aware of? I am getting the following error message:
19:31.19 - Warning: Update kb5014329 (id: 60a82168-d2e3-40cb-95ff-60044c4d9ed5) not found
Wed 06/29/2022 22:19:31.19 - Warning: Update kb5015429 (id: 7c9bc9cd-6fc7-4f01-a88c-ed75713c654b) not found.
This is not the first time this has happened with .Net Runtime and thought it was a glitch.
Also getting a warning on these 2 patches: KB5014355 and KB5015371 which are SQL. I do not recall WSUSoffline patching SQL so thought I would ask any way. Any advise on why the . Net files are not downloading would be greatly appreciated.
Thank You
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