dec office 2016 patches not downloading?

dec office 2016 patches not downloading?

Postby newtorte » 11.12.2019, 21:37

On 11.8.3, I do my usual download of both win10 x64 and office 2016 x64.

I take it to another machine to patch and I get:

Warning: Update kb4484180 (id: 6d15313a-6431-4ae9-92c3-02058f54e45b) not found.
Warning: Update kb4484179 (id: 7db6d59c-dc61-486c-9e8f-98a52e159041) not found.
Warning: Update kb4484182 (id: 024d6c39-c164-4c07-ad83-965ccdd05077) not found.
Warning: Update kb4484166 (id: 79787609-3567-42a2-8354-ade6ffaaac09) not found.
Warning: Update kb4484169 (id: 8523e7dc-eb59-4ef0-a938-da1fbb674349) not found.

All of which seem to be Office 2016 related.

Any help greatly appreciated.

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Re: dec office 2016 patches not downloading?

Postby Gerby » 12.12.2019, 08:54

Hello newtorte,

There's a problem with the current catalog file. Something has changed there and the download for the ofc part does not work correctly at the moment.

The problem is discussed in this thread (German): viewtopic.php?f=3&t=9954

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Re: dec office 2016 patches not downloading?

Postby newtorte » 12.12.2019, 13:02

Thank you for your reply. I sincerely appreciate it.

Until this is sorted out, is there a simple way to add the patches and have them
be applied when I run the updater?

I went to each of the KB articles and downloaded the corresponding patch
and naively hoped that dropping them into the ofc directory would be
enough, but the hashes didn't match (?), so they were skipped.

Thanks again.

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Re: dec office 2016 patches not downloading?

Postby aker » 12.12.2019, 13:31

Add them to ...\static\custom\StaticDownloadLinks-o2k16-glb.txt and start a download run.
.\doc\faq-enu.txt wrote:Q: Can I download/install additional patches?
A: Yes, you can adjust how the download and update scripts behave by excluding or adding patches from download or installation. For adding updates proceed as follows:

1. Adding updates to download routines

For adding an update to be downloaded, insert its download URL into the matching "StaticDownloadLinks-<platform>[-architecture>]-<language>.txt file, found in the "...\static\custom" directory. Please don't forget a trailing <CR><LF>.

2. Adding updates to installation routines

Add an update to installation by inserting its knowledge base ID (KBxxxxxx or simply xxxxxx) into the matching "StaticUpdateIds-<platform>[-<architecture>].txt file (directory "...\client\static\custom"). Please don't forget a trailing <CR><LF>. For example, the updates could be stored under \Client \win \glb; there is checked with every Windows version.
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