Problems with Wsus Offline

Problems with Wsus Offline

Postby sic67 » 11.05.2019, 17:40

Sorry for my English.
SO: Windows 8.1 Pro. 64 Bit
Wsus Offline: 11.7

I have the following problems:

1. My internet connection is through a proxy and it is somewhat slow. I have a WSUS server inside my entity and I put it in the WSUS section, but there is no way for WSUS Offline to update itself. He always does it from the Internet. I would like you to download only what you do not find in WSUS Corporate from the Internet. How can I do it?

2. I noticed that there are updates that download them completely, for example dotnetfx35.exe, continue downloading the other patches, but then in the directory CLIENT\DOTNET\, the dotnetfx35.exe no longer appears and starts to download it again. This I imagine happens with other patches, because sometimes I check the size CLIENT folder and it has a certain amount of gigas, but then I verify it and it is smaller. It's as if you delete updates and downloads again and again.

Please, I would appreciate very much the cooperation of this community. Excellent weekend
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