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Antivirus trigger

PostPosted: 04.03.2019, 21:02
by thecuz

When I try to download the latest version,, Immunet triggers an alert saying the file was detected with Also, there is a trigger from my browser (Firefox) cache that had a detection as well.

Looks like something in the zip file is setting off AV alerts.

Re: Antivirus trigger

PostPosted: 04.03.2019, 22:30
by aker
Most likely a false positive.
The most AV scanners generally blacklist AutoIt3-Programs (used in wsusou for UpdateGenerator.exe/UpdateInstaller.exe).
I'd recommend you, to report the file as a false positive to your AV vendor.

A virus scan of a correctly downloaded and unmodified file can be found here:

If you don't trust the binaries, you may compile them yourself (source code is in the archive UpdateGenerator.au3/UpdateInstaller.au3).

Re: Antivirus trigger

PostPosted: 05.03.2019, 15:09
by thecuz
It looks like wget.exe in the bin folder is the cause of the issue.

I was able to extract the zip file and individually scan the files and wget is the one that triggers the warning.

I submitted a false positive report to Immunet along with the file.