Sigcheck failure on XP

Sigcheck failure on XP

Postby troyguffey » 26.09.2017, 04:59

Since the only thing this program does is download files, then create a disc, it should be possible to make WIn7+ discs using WinXP.
However, UpdateGenerator keeps giving a "Entry point not found" error when trying to run Sigcheck.exe.

Re: Sigcheck failure on XP

Postby Dalai » 26.09.2017, 14:31

You need an older sigcheck.exe (2.30 is the last one working on XP), see viewtopic.php?f=3&t=5556.

And you also need to edit DownloadUpdates.cmd: Look for "SIGCHK_COPT" and remove the "-nobanner" option.

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