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File integrity verification failure.

PostPosted: 13.09.2017, 19:12
by cdgoldin
Please explain what this means, and how to fix it. Thank you

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Cleaning up client directory for win glb...
Removing NTFS alternate data streams for win glb...
Verifying digital file signatures for win glb...
Creating integrity database for win glb...

Extracting Microsoft's update catalog file package.xml...
Found valid list of superseded updates.
Verifying integrity of existing updates for w100 glb...
ab: Known file not used
hashdeep.exe: Audit failed
   Input files examined: 0
  Known files expecting: 0
          Files matched: 16
Files partially matched: 0
            Files moved: 0
        New files found: 0
  Known files not found: 1

ERROR: File integrity verification failure.

Note: To better help understanding this error, you can select and copy the last
messages from this window using the context menu (right mouse click in the window).
Press any key to continue . . .

Note that this happened repeatedly, with both w100 and w100-x64, as I tried again and again. It did NOT happen with W61, OFC, etc.

Re: File integrity verification failure.

PostPosted: 14.09.2017, 09:09
by boco
Delete the files hashes-w100-glb.txt and hashes-w100-x64-glb.txt from the WOU subdirectory client\md - then try again.

Re: File integrity verification failure.

PostPosted: 15.09.2017, 05:18
by cdgoldin
Thank you. That did the trick.