Windows XP and Office updates over 25 GB?

Windows XP and Office updates over 25 GB?

Postby bengalih » 29.08.2017, 15:38


I am trying to use wsusoffline to update a new build on a Windows XP SP3 laptop I have built for my daughter to play with.

I was trying to update XP and also tried to download Office 2010 updates for application later (I did not have Office 2010 installed yet).

I let the tool run with the options shown below and it downloaded over 25 GB of data which filled up the hard drive and then produced an error due to lack of space.

Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong?

Ideally I would like to make a folder/ISO for Windows XP and Office 2010 of all offline updates so that I can re-apply them to this/another computer when I rebuild in the future.

Thank you!
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Re: Windows XP and Office updates over 25 GB?

Postby Dalai » 29.08.2017, 22:34

Well, you can simply check the directories' sizes to see why it's so large. My guess is that it's the ISOs and the additional copies of the patches ("Copy updates for selected products..."); the patches can be found in wsusoffline\client directory. You may also want to skip the service packs if it's already integrated into your Windows setup CD.

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Re: Windows XP and Office updates over 25 GB?

Postby boco » 30.08.2017, 10:11

Did you unpack the original archive of WOU correctly, preserving the directory tree structure? Otherwise, WOU might not find the filter data that filters out unnecessary updates from downloading.
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