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Windows 10 directory structure

PostPosted: 14.09.2021, 09:00
by negg
I now have 2 sub-dirs in my \wsusoffline\client\w100-x64\glb labeled 18362 and 19041 however there are still loose files outside of these directories namely is it supposed to be there or not?

Re: Windows 10 directory structure

PostPosted: 15.09.2021, 00:05
by aker
I changed the structure for three main reasons:
- In my opinion it's easier to find the files, you actually need. Sometimes I just want to update a number of devices with the same build. Then I don't need the updates for all build, just one.
- Some updates (e.g. Flash Player) in the past had the same KB-number for all builds. This caused wsusou to install multiple files for the same update, with only one succeeding and failing for all others. (
(- It's easier for me to maintain the build-specific ExcludeLists - all files not sorted into one of the subfolders aren't recognised by any list and need to be added where they belong.)

The algorithm isn't final (the cleanup mechanism still needs some checks / adjustments).

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Re: Windows 10 directory structure

PostPosted: 18.09.2021, 07:51
by aker
I just adjusted the cleanup-code, so it should work now, too.

I'll also upload the changes for 09/2021 soon.