Postby negg » 27.10.2020, 20:33

Wsus version 12.3 does not self-update to version 12.3.1 does the script not support this mow?
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Re: WSUS CE12.3

Postby aker » 27.10.2020, 21:00

I was able to reproduce the problem.
For some reason, the result returned by the script CheckOUVersion.cmd is not passed to UpdateGenerator, while it is passed, when called by CMD or another script. A fix will be uploaded to GitLab soon. (I'll backport it to 12.3.1 and release it as 12.3.2).
For some reason, it does not occur in all evironments. The machine I use to test wsusofflineCE reported all updates as it should.

- Fix: The self-update did not report more recent versions in UpdateGenerator (Thanks to "negg")
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