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Microsoft edge

PostPosted: 15.01.2020, 22:58
by negg
Microsoft edge is now available to download as a separate application and not apart of windows 10. It's now avail for Windows 7 and up. Yes windows 7 has a new piece of software released on the day it's no longer supported hmmmmm.

Anyway is there anyway to include this in the downloads just like you do for ie11 etc.

Re: Microsoft edge

PostPosted: 16.01.2020, 01:28
by Cababs
wow did not expect that.
if you are going to use Edge on the older OS then IE would need to stay and therefore be updated. since IE 11 & Edge are on Windows 10 anyway

Re: Microsoft edge

PostPosted: 16.01.2020, 14:19
by negg
It also supports Windows 8 as well I thought Microsoft wish to stop using these systems. May have to update the older version of wsus926.

Also as windows 7 is now dead :( will all the updated windows 7 code for updating move into wsus926 ??????

Re: Microsoft edge

PostPosted: 17.01.2020, 14:51
by aker
wsusou ESR (9.2.x) is discontinued and the current branch (11.8.3) will be discontinued soon, if noone wants to be the next maintainer of the project...