Question for experts and weird updates

Re: Question for experts and weird updates

Postby WSUSUpdateAdmin » 11.11.2019, 11:31


caliber wrote:why missing updates ?
9.2.1 = 297 updates (176 normal + 121 embedded)
9.2.5 = 190 updates
9.2.6 = 306 updates (190 normal + 116 embedded)

No, they're not missing.
From ...\doc\history.txt: "- Fix: Excluded new duplicate patches kb4012583, kb4022747, kb3197835, kb4024323 and kb4025218 for Windows XP"
For these five, we already had static download definitions for *-custom-* versions in v. 9.2.5, so I excluded the obsolete *-embedded-* ones from download in v. 9.2.6.

Once again:
WSUSUpdateAdmin wrote:[...]the old XP WUA is not able to deal with recent versions of the catalog file

So, let me say it clearly: I won't spend a minute more on 9.2.x / XP maintenance, because the XP ESR has become useless.

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Re: Question for experts and weird updates

Postby aker » 11.11.2019, 19:12

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