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Handling superseded updates

PostPosted: 09.08.2019, 08:55
by DexSK
Hello folks,

does WSUSOffline have a mechanism that handles superseded updates? E.g. deleting those that have been incorporated in later updates and don't need to be installed separately? I'd like to keep the updates occupying as little space as possible, without having to download them all from scratch from time to time, to get rid of the old ones.



Re: Handling superseded updates

PostPosted: 09.08.2019, 15:19
by Dalai
Since I answered a similar question yesterday, I'll just link to it: viewtopic.php?p=29271#p29271
You might see it like this: [UpdateGenerator] Superseded updates are not downloaded and existing superseded updates will be deleted. [UpdateInstaller] Superseded updates won't be installed, but they're not uninstalled either since this decision is up to the user and/or system; there are several maintenance tasks which might clean up old updates.

I'm moving this topic to the Misc section for now because it's not clear from your question if you're refering to download or installation of updates.


Re: Handling superseded updates

PostPosted: 09.08.2019, 15:22
by DexSK
Hello and thanks for the quick answer.
My question was solely about downloading updates, so that the locally downloaded repository doesn't get overloaded with updates that are not needed and could be deleted by the UpdateGenerator upon running it from time to time.
Thanks :)

Re: Handling superseded updates

PostPosted: 10.08.2019, 02:42
by boco
In that case, yes, WOU is cleaning the repositories of superseded updates. Note there are a few exceptions for updates still required although superseded. And obviously, WOU will only clean the repos you are downloading updates for.