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Obsolete updates

PostPosted: 21.07.2019, 05:46
by cdgoldin
Is there any way of telling when/if an update becomes obsolete? For example: if I want to reinstall Windows 7, I can use WSUSOffline to install all the "security" updates, but not the various others. I've kept a folder of "additional W7 updates" that I can install after running WUSUSOffline (which is preferable to downloading 50-100 updates from M$), but I suspect that many of them are obsolete or have been superseded. So, I would like to determine if they are, so I can delete them from my "additional updates" folder.

Re: Obsolete updates

PostPosted: 23.07.2019, 14:11
by aker
Difficult; you could try two attempt:
- go to and search for update superseding your "additional updates"
- go to, enter your KB-number and check, if the update has been marked as superseded (just click on the update, then a popup with different information will open)

If one of your updates has been superseded by a rollup, it has been superseded by all rollups newer than the one listed, too.