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[OT] Windows 10 - Upgrade

PostPosted: 25.05.2018, 10:43
by CyborgDK
Hi Guys..

Right, I can understand that this wonderfull tool does not support "implace upgrades" and I can both understand and accept that, however I need to UPGRADE :-D

As I need to bulk upgrade a number of machines it would be REALLY nice to have a way of deploying this.

Does anyone know of a commandline tool to achive this? I tried to download the upgrade tool from microsoft, but it does not seem to support parameters :-( (eg like /Q or /S)...

Ps. sorry if this is semi off topic, but it still seem rather related.

Best regards..

Re: [OT] Windows 10 - Upgrade

PostPosted: 25.05.2018, 14:07
by aker
Windows upgrades are not part of wsusou, but you can search the internet for "unattend.xml" or "autounattend.xml". I know, that it works for installation, maybe it supports upgrades, too.

Re: Windows 10 - Upgrade

PostPosted: 25.05.2018, 14:35
by boco
Feature upgrades / Build upgrades are full Windows Setup packages. You can even download it as ISO, which you should do if you want to mass/bulk upgrade.