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Some old updates are not inluded on client

PostPosted: 16.04.2018, 05:19
by kaosports
Some old updates are not inluded on client


First I want thank you for this open source software which saves our life :)

I read many articles about this tool. I have new-formatted (non-updated) Win 7 64 Bit. I have simple questions here:

1) I create an ISO with this options:

I use the directory where copied files (usb medium feature). I use UpdateInstaller.exe. I enabled all checkbox there. I reboot system many many times. Everything seems ok. But after everything I check the updates form window's default manager. I see 43 important updates. I know some of them are very new and you have not udpated the url's yet. That's very normal. But most of updates are released on 2012 and 2011. For example: KB2563227 This update has been published 09.08.2011. There are many old updates. Why?

2) How can I create a fully update system? (except very very new ones because you can not update the software every day ofcorse)

3) USB medium's (copy directory) &
wsusoffline\client &
All of them have different file size. Why? They are not the same? If not what is the differences of them?

4) Why windows server 2003 and XP has language choices and 7, vista and 8 have not? All of new platforms updates are multilanguage based?

5) On the Office tab I see this text: "If you select another Office product, Updates for Office 2013 will be included automatically." But I don't want to select office 2010 because I don't need 2010's update. I just use office 2013. So why I should download 2010 too?

6) Where is the source code of WSUS Offline Update?

I would be very very happy if you can help me about this questions..

Thanks in advance

Re: Some old updates are not inluded on client

PostPosted: 16.04.2018, 08:41
by aker
Sorry, I can't view the image here (Germany). Could you attach it here?
The ISO, the USB-folder and the original client-folder have different sizes, because Exclude-lists are applied before copying to USB / creating the ISO. Also the ISO just contains (depending on your settings) just x86-versions.

The missing updates are most likely caused by this: :arrow: viewtopic.php?f=7&t=172
But without the actual updates, I can't tell for sure.

wsusou was designed to update Windows to a state, where it is safe to connect it to the internet.
As MS doesn't provide a full catalog (including optional updates), you can run Windows Update after wsusou completed and manually download the missing ones. (If you want to implement them into wsusou, olease take a look at the FAQ (.\doc\faq-enu.txt).

I think, I already answered this at point (1).

Everything since Windows Vista / Server 2008 is language-independent (except for service packs).

MS doesn't make any difference between the different Office versions. They are listed as "ofc". So if you select one version of Office, you'll get all of them (except for service packs, which are handled by static definitions).

wsusou is a script-based program. It just contains Batch- and VisualBasic-script. You can read all of them with an editor. The source code for UpdateGenerator/UpdateInstaller (AutoIt3-binaries) is stored in the same folder as the binaries (UpdateGenerator.exe -> UpdateGenerator.au3).

Re: Some old updates are not inluded on client

PostPosted: 16.04.2018, 18:24
by Dalai
aker wrote:Sorry, I can't view the image here (Germany).

Even Google's DNS ( doesn't know the domain, so I doubt it has something to do with the location.


Re: Some old updates are not inluded on client

PostPosted: 16.04.2018, 19:28
by aker
As you and "" tell, it's down, but "The Wayback Machine" has snapshots of the page from 2 days ago, I'd say, it'll be up again soon.