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Re: WSUS Offline Update Lists

PostPosted: 16.01.2020, 01:32
by Cababs
my download lists for 11.8.3 are built from Release-To-Manufacturing Windows 7. WsusOfflineUpdates by default installs SP1 and then updates. my lists fill in the gaps. I had to do through it over the holidays to sort out superseded files in my lists.
so in short WOU and my lists will give you a complete uptodate system*

*about 20 updates have to be downloaded. they can not be downloaded beforehand using Windows Update Catulog.

in regards to the "old" and "new". I have now removed the old. that was historical. those lists will allow you to download the files. if MS removes those files then I have also uploaded the update ISOs to the OneDrive.

hope this make it easier to use.

Re: WSUS Offline Update Lists

PostPosted: 27.06.2020, 05:10
by lioninstreet

Im sure a lot of work went into maintaining your update list. Thanks for that!

Could you confirm where the link is to your most recent one can be found on this thread?

Re: WSUS Offline Update Lists

PostPosted: 27.06.2020, 16:12
by Rush
Are there any Updates to the list :)?

Re: WSUS Offline Update Lists

PostPosted: 13.07.2020, 21:43
by Cababs
this is the link to the folder that give custom IDs for WOU 926 and WOU 1183 as of Dec 2019.!ALw8scDaFkwG5G8
i will also upload older update ISOs since MS is slowly removing the updates from their servers.

i have not looked at WOU in over 7 months mainly due to Windows 7 EOL. although we are left with Windows 10, its 6monthly turnaround of new versions makes updating lists impractical. however i have looked at ways to install Windows Store Apps to offline images. if i get anywhere with that i may make a new custom software installer for windows 10.

I am starting to create a series that concentrates on Deployment of Windows in a virtual environment. Going through each server version. using WOU as the update tool.

Re: WSUS Offline Update Lists

PostPosted: 14.07.2020, 00:45
by aker
You can mount the install.wim and play around with „dism /image=<some path here> /Add-ProvisionedAppxPackage“.
It should fail to install new apps for licensing reasons, but maybe it succedes updating existing ones (which are licensed in the image).

Actually I never tested that, I just remove apps from images, before I upgrade to a new build.