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Re: WSUS Offline Update Lists

PostPosted: 22.11.2019, 15:29
by Dalai
Thisheis wrote:but there is not WOU folder ....

WOU = WSUS Offline Update, and it refers to the directory you're using for the particular WSUS Offline Update instance.


Re: WSUS Offline Update Lists

PostPosted: 23.11.2019, 04:11
by Cababs
thanks. i shall update that readme soon.

there is going to be a big update from me soon. i am going through all the versions of windows that WOU 11.8.3 supports, this includes the server versions.

my purpose was to capture new wim files to integrate into the installUSBs, but since im going that im also sharing my lists with you.
it dawned on me that my lists always added files but did not remove superseded files. so i have started from RTM and run a fresh copy of WOU.

strangely this is quite therapeutic.

@Thisheis thanks for using my lists.

Re: WSUS Offline Update Lists

PostPosted: 23.11.2019, 15:18
by aker
If you plan to slipstream: You cannot slipstream the servicing stack to anything newer than KB3020369. So you won‘t be able to slipstream 2019-08 or newer.

Re: WSUS Offline Update Lists

PostPosted: 24.11.2019, 17:39
by Cababs
@aker - thanks for the advice.

i know about the issues with slipstreaming. it was hit and miss with me.
i understand that it is quick and easy and uses DISM to add-package to the install.wim file.

what i do instead is install Windows on a VM, run WOU, check if i am missing any updates from Windows Updates, add missing updates to WOU. rinse and repeat until there are no more single entries when i get the download links form Microsoft Update Catalog, DOTNET updates normally have 3-4 updates as a pack so those are skipped.
do a few cleanup routines, sysprep and generalise the VM and then capture the VM with ImageX or DISM.
i do that to each version of Windows per architecture and combine into 1 file - install.wim - and then copy that back into the original install DVD. due to the about of updates it exceeds the size of a DVD so it becomes a Install USB.

advantage of me doing it this way is that i can install applications with the OS. most common are AV, pdf reader, 7-zip & chrome
when i use this new Install USB then the only updates i need are from when the wim files are captured. in this case from Nov-19
take install and update time from 3 hours to 30mins.

i only capture VMs when a service pack is released or when products are becoming end of life.

Re: WSUS Offline Update Lists

PostPosted: 24.11.2019, 19:09
by aker
You could do a full capture using sysprep. Then you would be able to install all updates and programs.
This will work.

Re: WSUS Offline Update Lists

PostPosted: 31.12.2019, 10:27
by Rush
any news or updates :) ?

Re: WSUS Offline Update Lists

PostPosted: 31.12.2019, 22:07
by aker
No. Please don‘t ask why; else I would have to throw my computer out of the window... :twisted:

Re: WSUS Offline Update Lists

PostPosted: 09.01.2020, 01:48
by Cababs
I have reorganised my download lists. those for 9.2.6 and 11.8.3
these include XP, XPe, XP MCE, 2k3 & Windows Home Server.

the lists for 11.8.3 are a Work in progress. I have been slow over the new year between family, work and getting a new PC. I will have to find my old hard drive to confirm that those lists are up-to-date

I am also going to upload my ISO files of these updates. From 2000 to 7.
office will take longer.

Re: WSUS Offline Update Lists

PostPosted: 09.01.2020, 19:14
by King555
A big thanks to Cababs for his effort!

Re: WSUS Offline Update Lists

PostPosted: 11.01.2020, 16:36
by bitpesman
Thanks for these lists Cababs. I do have some questions though.
Since I expect that MS is disabling the downloads for windows 7 updates, I want to download just everything they released. Don't care much if it includes telemetry or some other issues (at this moment). I just want to download everything just to be save. For the sake of completeness (if that even is a word). There are probably some more persons wanting to do that. Do you also have a list with just everything they released for us paranoia downloaders?

I don't understand the lists. are they to complement each other? I mean, two xlsx files with updates in the 'old' that are not in the 'new' one? Or do you have to ignore those two and only add the files in the "download_install_Lists for 1183"?
Sorry about asking this. It is confusing for me.

Do I understand correctly that if you want to download as much as possible, you best freshly install your windows 7 disc on a virtual machine and let WSUS download from there?