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OT: mpas-fe 2019-10

PostPosted: 20.02.2021, 17:13
by aker
I'm searching for the most recent mpas-fe.exe/mpas-feX64.exe, which is compatible with Windows XP / Windows Vista.
Version released after 2019-10-18 are signed SHA256-only and cannot be installed on said systems.
Does anybody have a version of mpas-fe.exe/mpas-feX64.exe version 1.303.1946.0 released 2019-10-18 or something around that time?
The most recent one I was able to get was 1.293.1218.0 released 2019-05-09 (using The Internet Archive / Wayback Machine).

Re: OT: mpas-fe 2019-10

PostPosted: 23.02.2021, 18:40
by boco
No, unfortunately I don't have. On MDL, we have a topic with a patch that restores Windows Update on Vista (by installing SHA2 support). With this, mpas-fe might work again.

Unfortunately, the post is hidden from public (as it contains links). If you feel adventurous, I could PM you a few infos and d/l link.

Re: OT: mpas-fe 2019-10

PostPosted: 28.02.2021, 18:46
by aker
Could do so, but wanted to use that file for wxp/w2k3, too.