A complete rewrite of the Linux scripts

Re: A complete rewrite of the Linux scripts

Postby Dalai » 19.07.2017, 18:55

lindesbs wrote:So, this directory will grow larger than 30GB.

I need bigger USB sticks

You can use whatever type of storage you want. Within the same network - including VMs - a network share is the most simple and comfortable one IMO. You can also skip directories you don't need on the target system when copying the wsusoffline\client directory, if so required. If you don't have any MS Office installed on the target machine, then skip wsusoffline\client\ofc directory; if you don't have Win8.x/Server 2012 on the target machine, then skip wsusoffline\client\w62 and w63 directories, and so on.

I only use network shares myself, so I don't have to mess around with storage media or worry about how to get the update files to the target machine(s).

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Re: A complete rewrite of the Linux scripts

Postby udo2toni » 20.07.2017, 21:16

How do I have to configure Samba to do this?

I'm using User/Password authentification for Samba shares.

If starting the UpdateInstaller.exe as a normal User it will ask for Superuser Permission, but then there is no Access to the Samba Share anymore. If trying to start the Software as a Superuser, this will fail for the same reason, so the only way is to copy the whole set of files to the client...

Obviously, I made some mistakes in Samba Configuration?
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Re: A complete rewrite of the Linux scripts

Postby aker » 20.07.2017, 22:51

No, that's caused by the Network drive management of Windows.
I'd suggest you to run UpdateInstaller.exeusing the UNC-path. When using an auth-free path, wsusou (just UpdateInstaller.exe, none of the CMD-files) is able to auto-mount it.
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Re: A complete rewrite of the Linux scripts

Postby boco » 22.07.2017, 01:13

Running normally vs. running with elevated rights, that's technically like two different users for network shares. If you use a mapped resource, you need to assign it two times: Once as normal user and once as Superuser. Otherwise, the share is simply gone after the user context switch.
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