Windows 8?

Windows 8?

Postby xerces8 » 21.11.2016, 15:54

What is with Windows 8 ?

It is not available on the main tab, neither on the Legacy tab.

Will selecting the Windows 8.1 updates work on Windows 8?

Re: Windows 8?

Postby Denniss » 21.11.2016, 16:59

Windows 8 is out of support for nearly a year now thus it has been removed from our program.
User of Win8 should upgrade to Win8.1, MS treats it as service pack to Win 8.
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Re: Windows 8?

Postby xerces8 » 21.11.2016, 17:20

Yes, but to upgrade, you must first install updates.

Re: Windows 8?

Postby aker » 22.11.2016, 06:28

You may try wsusou 10.3.2. This is the last version supporting Windows 8.0.
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