Date filtering

Date filtering

Postby NPM » 16.06.2018, 07:47


Our company tests and approves Windows updates on a monthly base to match our software packages.
Any unsupported updates I can easily filter out by making use of the Exclude list, but updates that are not tested yet (newer updates, released by MS after latest internal approved list) should not be installed. For this reason I would like to have the option to only download updates that were released before this date.
I did not find anything similar requested before or this feature available yet, but I could be wrong ;)
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Re: Date filtering

Postby aker » 17.06.2018, 21:12

I would suggest the following (most likely the easiest way):
Keep a copy the latest "" you tested.

Open .\cmd\DownloadUpdates.cmd in an editor (remember you have to repeat this after each wsusou self-update).
Search for this lines (line 621/622 in version 11.4):
Code: Select all
%DLDR_PATH% %DLDR_COPT% %DLDR_IOPT% ..\static\StaticDownloadLinks-wsus.txt %DLDR_POPT% ..\client\wsus
if errorlevel 1 goto DownloadError

Insert a line
Code: Select all

after them.

Now you have the chance to exchange .\client\wsus\ with your copy on each download-run as the script will wait (after download) for your interaction.
Warning: this will break the unattended-support of wsusou.
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