Office updates XP

Office updates XP

Postby AbsolutelyFreeWeb » 04.11.2017, 17:50

Guten Tag,

I've downloaded wsusoffline (9.2.3) for the first time, and am very impressed, thank you for providing such a nice and useful collection of scripts.

As directed, I used a more recent OS for download and then created installer for ofc2007 updates only. However after running it, I figured office was not part of Update.cmd at all. Also when I found InstallofficeUpdate.cmd it was not working for me. Thus I have updated it for my own purposes, but perhaps it is useful for others as well. To run it I created another cmd to put next to Update.cmd called UpdateOfc.cmd

When I ran it, afterward XP found 6 other updates not installed. So these missing files can be added too. Although, for me it was great, bc I needed wsusoffline since windows update would not update, I think it was overwhelmed, and once these updates were added, it started working again.

I only installed cabs. So if there are .exe files in the office folder, they are still not working. I moved out those exe files bc I thought they were not really updates and I did not want them. You may need to update InstallofficeUpdate.cmd additionally to make exe files work.

I am attaching the changed files. If you could also point me to how to add the missing updates I'd aprreciate it.

EDIT: It does not allow me to attach a file: The extension zip is not allowed. Let me know how to upload the files.

Re: Office updates XP

Postby aker » 04.11.2017, 21:59

wsusou ESR natively supports Office versions starting from 2003.

Could you please decribe your issue a little bit more.
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