Minimize Windows 10 update downloads

Minimize Windows 10 update downloads

Postby telnetuserid » 12.07.2017, 11:14

As we all know, Windows 10 is "rolling", which often gets a new OS build. This will result in very large updates.

Here is current disk usage for each folder (my w100-x64 is incomplete).
Code: Select all
$ du -sh w61-x64 w63-x64 w100-x64
1.5G    w61-x64
1.5G    w63-x64
7.0G    w100-x64

Would it be possible to provide separate checkbox for each Windows 10 build? For example, W10 1511, W10 1607, and W10 1703?
Or more specific as radio button to select from which W10 release?

Here is a possible design.
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[ ] W100 / W100-x64
     Since build
         (  ) 1507 a.k.a RTM
         (  ) 1511 a.k.a November Update
         (  ) 1607 a.k.a Anniversary Update
         (  ) 1703 a.k.a Creators Update

To minimize the update download size, one can grab latest W10 build medium (i.e. build 1703 a.k.a Creators Update), install/reinstall with the latest medium and select W10 1703 checkbox to only download W10 updates since build 1703.
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Any way to limit/specify Win 10 build downloads?

Postby Quexos » 20.07.2017, 00:58

Is there any way to specify to only download updates for my version of Windows 10? I am getting several gigabyte+ files (6 gigs when only 1 or 2 are for my build) for every conceivable version/build of Windows 10. I am using 1607 LTSB 2016, so I have no need of a bunch of old versions (predating my install media) or creators update stuff that does not belong on LTSB ever.

If there is a way to limit it to only usable updates, that would be great to know. Thanks.
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Re: Any way to limit/specify Win 10 build downloads?

Postby Gerby » 20.07.2017, 07:57

Hello Quexos,

I've merged your question with an already existing suggestion from telnetuserid pointing into the same direction.

Right now, there isn't a possibility to limit the download. There's a chance that this will be implemented in a future version of WSUS Offline update, right now I don't have enough information about the status.

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Re: Minimize Windows 10 update downloads

Postby aker » 20.07.2017, 14:27

As far as I know, it is not possible. The last time I checked the catalog (about 10-2016), there was no difference in UpdateIDs or compatible products in package.xml. I'm sure, it is possible to determine that - by parsing all sub catalogs. But then the download link generation will take hours/days (for each OS/platform).
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