Different builds of windows 10

Different builds of windows 10

Postby negg » 21.09.2016, 12:35

Hi im aware that you are in the process of making windows 10 download into different folders depending on the build or something like that.

But what i would like to ask is it possible to also select what build you would like to download regarding windows 10, I think its pointless downloading all the files for each build if you have the latest one and same for other ones.

I know this may be confusing to have different builds listed on the GUI so maybe a switch can be implemented for advanced uses to say something like 'windows10build=ALL' or windows10build=14393' etc.....
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Re: Different builds of windows 10

Postby aker » 21.09.2016, 22:03

MS currently does not make any differences between the Windows 10 builds. They are just listed as "w100". As soon as we or someone else find(s) a solution, I'm sure, we'll implement this.
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