Generate List of Missing Updates

Re: Generate List of Missing Updates

Postby josephbutler » 14.08.2019, 12:45

I just tried double-clicking on the vbs and I get the following:

Line: 58
Char: 1
Error: Permission Denied
Code: 800A0046

I am running as administrator on my machine. And do not receive this when I run the UpdateInstaller.exe so i am not sure why i am getting this when just running the vbs by itself.
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Re: Generate List of Missing Updates

Postby aker » 16.08.2019, 22:17

Line 58 is
Code: Select all
Set objUpdateService = CreateObject("Microsoft.Update.ServiceManager").AddScanPackageService("Offline Sync Service", strTempFolder & "\")

It tells WUA to use in your temporary directory for searching the updates.

Could you try this:
Create a temporary directory (e.g. "C:\tmp"), copy .\client\wsus\ and .\client\cmdßListMissingUpdateIds.vbs to that directory, open an administrative command prompt, and enter the following commands (you'll need to adjust "C:\tmp" to your chosen path):
Code: Select all
cd /d C:\tmp
set TEMP=C:\tmp
set TMP=C:\tmp
cscript .\ListMissingUpdateIds.vbs /all

Wait until it finishes.
Does it generate a log now?
Then use "Get-WindowsUpdateLog" in Powershell to create a human-readable version of WindowsUpdate.log

Also: Windows 10 1903 (18362.239) was the July 2019 security update for Windows 10 1903. If your was downloaded before the August security updates were released, wsusou will not install anything anymore as your system is considered as up to date (as the catalog doesn't contain newer ones). You can check the creation date by right-clicking and viewing the digital signature under "Properties".
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