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Exclude All Updates Except Specific KBs

PostPosted: 28.02.2018, 12:43
by electricjazz
It is possible to exclude all updates except a specific list of KBs?

Re: Exclude All Updates Except Specific KBs

PostPosted: 28.02.2018, 22:35
by aker
You can check the "skipdynamic"-option in UpdateGenerator.ini/UpdateInstaller.ini.
Add "skipdynamic=Enabled" to the "[Miscellaneous]"-section of UpdateGenerator.ini and replace "skipdynamic=Disabled" with "skipdynamic=Enabled" in the "[Installation]"-section of UpdateInstaller.ini.
WARNING: This will disable all dynamic update searchin mechanism and only install the patches you provided.
.\doc\faq-enu.txt wrote:Q: Can I skip the dynamic update determination during downloading/installation in order to use my static definitions only?
A: Yes.
To avoid dynamic update URL determination during download, add "skipdynamic=Enabled" to the [Miscellaneous] section of your UpdateGenerator.ini file.
To avoid dynamic update ID determination during installation, set "skipdynamic=Enabled" in the [Installation] section of your UpdateInstaller.ini file.

To inject your own set of patches:
Q: Can I download/install additional patches?
A: Yes, you can adjust how the download and update scripts behave by excluding or adding patches from download or installation. For adding updates proceed as follows:

1. Adding updates to download routines

For adding an update to be downloaded, insert its download URL into the matching "StaticDownloadLinks-<platform>[-architecture>]-<language>.txt file, found in the "...\static\custom" directory. Please don't forget a trailing <CR><LF>.

2. Adding updates to installation routines

Add an update to installation by inserting its knowledge base ID (KBxxxxxx or simply xxxxxx) into the matching "StaticUpdateIds-<platform>[-<architecture>].txt file (directory "...\client\static\custom"). Please don't forget a trailing <CR><LF>.