Exclude list explanation

Exclude list explanation

Postby letuandk » 05.01.2018, 18:30

Hello to all

I'm just facing this wonderful app and I discover you can exclude any update you want with excludelist.
My problem is how to manage it, I found many excludelist in their folder and I really don't know which one open/modify and why
Is there any guide about that?

Tks in advance
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Re: Exclude list explanation

Postby Dalai » 05.01.2018, 19:29

Hi, and welcome to the forum :).

The FAQ in wsusoffline\doc\faq-enu.txt pretty much covers the most important parts regarding exclusion of updates. There're also several threads about this topic here in the forum. (Since the forum search is much less than ideal, it might be better to use a search engine limited to wsusoffline.net domain.)

If you have any specific questions, let us know.

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Re: Exclude list explanation

Postby aker » 06.01.2018, 14:36

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