Automate UpdateInstaller.exe

Automate UpdateInstaller.exe

Postby Thomas73 » 21.11.2017, 17:12


After downloading the updates, we want to run the UpdateInstaller.exe without checking the settings and starting it automatically without clicking Start.

By clicking on Updateinstaller.exe, the installation of the updates must start without clicking on anything else after (with the required parameters).

We have already changed some settings in the UpdateInstaller.ini file but we are unable to automate the start of this program .

Is that possible to start automatically the program UpdateInstaller.exe with the parameters (in this picture) ?

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Re: Automate UpdateInstaller.exe

Postby boco » 21.11.2017, 17:39

The UpdateInstaller.exe can not be run unattended. However, all it does is running the Update.cmd script with the necessary parameters (which, in turn, runs DoUpdate.cmd from the cmd subdirectory).

Just run Update.cmd with the desired parameters manually, to bypass the EXE completely.
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Re: Automate UpdateInstaller.exe

Postby Gerby » 21.11.2017, 17:44

Hi Thomas,

Just a small addendum to boco's information: the possible parameters are listed in


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Re: Automate UpdateInstaller.exe

Postby Thomas73 » 21.11.2017, 18:42


I'm going to look at all this, I'll come back to you if I do not find any.
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