Unsupported Operating system x64

Unsupported Operating system x64

Postby ingvare » 15.04.2017, 12:52

Trying to run WSUS on a laptop that is way back on updates
It is a Windows 7 home Premium Swedish 64 bit on desktop
Windows 7 x64
Copy updates:
USB Medium C:\WSUSData Clean
Program works on downloading lots of x64 stuff
Ending wsus offline update download for w61-x64 glb

switch to C:\WSUSData
click on "Updateinstaller.exe"

"Checking user privilegies"
"Determin system properties"
"Error: Unsupported Operating system x64"

So I now have 2 desktops where the program does not work.
I also run it on my laptop which is a W10 Pro English. That worked
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Re: Unsupported Operating system x64

Postby aker » 15.04.2017, 18:12

I think, it is the same problem as you posted here.
I'll suggest you, not to open two topics.
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