Why are there more packages when downloading security-only?

Why are there more packages when downloading security-only?

Postby pstein » 30.03.2017, 13:54

For investigation purposes I started an experiment (on a 64bit Win 7 system):

I installed WSUS v10.9.2 in a first test folder and let it download all packages WITH enabled security-only option.
Secondly I installed another WSUS v10.9.2 and let it download all packages WITHOUT enabled security-only option (=full rollups).

Afterwards I compared the two directory trees.

Much to my surprise there were 4 more files on the security-only tree:
- KB3005607
- KB3033929
- KB3138962
- KB3168965

All of them are Security Packages for Win 7 (from years 2014 and 2016).
I wonder why they are NOT retrieved in full rollup instance?

From my point of view a full-rollup download should download everything from security-only PLUS the last additional rollup package.

So why are in full rollup dir tree the security packages missing?

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Re: Why are there more packages when downloading security-on

Postby Dalai » 30.03.2017, 17:39

My (educated) guess is that the missing updates are part of the rollups already. So there's no need to download and install them. Remember that rollups are security-only packages plus the optional updates since October 2016. Even more, the rollups are cumulative, meaning they contain ALL updates since October (and you need to install only the latest), while security-only packages are NOT cumulative, so you need all of them.

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