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Is there a way to download updates for Office XP?

PostPosted: 06.12.2018, 19:00
by ultimate
I'm looking a way to download updates for Office XP, tried using version 6.6.5 but there are many missing updates.
From the log file it seems wsusoffline is obtaining the updates from the server of Microsoft Download Center and sadly many of them are already removed on it.
Is there any chance to direct wsusoffline to obtain the updates from the server of Windows Update? The v6 site is still up and it can scan the updates fro Office XP.
I'm trying to archive the updates for Office XP and older Office suite like 95/97/2000 but the original Office Update website/Windows Update v4 which can get updates for them is gone long time ago and wsusoffline does not support getting updates for them, only Office XP updates remain available from Windows Update v6.

Thank you for your help!

Re: Is there a way to download updates for Office XP?

PostPosted: 06.12.2018, 19:36
by Dalai
Pretty late to create an update archive for such old Office versions...

According to WOU's history.txt, the last version supporting Office XP is WSUS Offline 6.9. You can get all WOU versions on the download page. If that fails to download all (or most) of the updates, you're out of luck - unless someone already has created such archive (of Office XP updates with the language you need) and is willing to share that.

To answer you question: No, WSU Offline is not able to download updates via Windows Update. It uses the Update Catalog file ( provided by Microsoft to download all updates for the selected software product(s). In addition it downloads updates that are defined statically, but those links may become unavailable over time.


Re: Is there a way to download updates for Office XP?

PostPosted: 07.12.2018, 23:37
by ultimate
Yes I'm too late to the party, I spent my spare time on gaming when I have a slow network back when v4 Windows Update site and its catalog system is up. When I have a much faster connection 1 year ago, they already removed most of the stuff for Win 9x/NT4/XP. I did have browsed the catalog from v4 site a year before its retirement but didn't realize it's the last time I can archive the updates, I don't remember if updates for older Office suite can obtain there though. They did announce the retirement for the Office Update website a few months before they pulled the plug but not for v4 Windows Update site, if they did I will try to archive the updates on it even with a slow network.

Most of the English version of the updates are still available from the great work of others but not for the other languages, which is what I'm looking.
Thank you for your help!