WSUS downloader isn't working, and it should be

WSUS downloader isn't working, and it should be

Postby thmtrxhsu » 29.06.2018, 08:50

If I give WSUS downloader and wget outbound access, there's no reason the software should not work; yet that is the case.

"I have allowed Chrome outbound access. This means Chrome is free to create connections and communicate with the internet to download web pages etc. So web surfing works, file downloads work, except for:
That only works if firewall is off. Again web browsing and downloading works when firewall is on.
Why does it fail and what additional firewall access (explicit or implicit) does Chrome require?
I should add, that I detected this problem when using WSUS Offline Update; it too would fail to download the file unless the firewall was completely off (it had outbound access). "

I should just add to the last quote that I permitted wget as well.

So both Chrome and WSUS can't download at that url, yet I can browse with chrome, download with both chrome and wget.
So I tell you, the italian upward trust, like seriously I don't get it.

Outbound rules allowed are:
Core Networking - DNS (UDP out)
Core Networking - DHCP out
Core Networking - IPHTTPS (TCP out)
Internet Message Control Protocol
Google Chrome
WSUS offline update generator
WSUS offline update installer
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Re: WSUS downloader isn't working, and it should be

Postby aker » 29.06.2018, 16:44

Could you allow .\bin\wget.exe & .\bin\wget64.exe access to all servers listed in this post:
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Could you also please post the content of the cmd-window, where it shows the wget-error?
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